Self Expression and Free Choice.

  • Self Expression and Free Choice. 
  • Groups of 5 for women who have been in long relationships or marriage.
  • It’s designed for those who are ready to move on but require some help in planning their future to go on their own or with their children.
  • Two groups per week per quarter.
  • 7 sessions in total.

                        Costing: $1195.00 with a special offer of $995.00    To take advantage of the special offer click here.

  • Includes 3 free mentoring and coaching sessions in the first two years or by negotiation. 
  • This program is centered on lighting the candle to find their way forward into a new life without fear.
  • Planning and keeping safe are planned for in this program.

This could lead to other programs namely the Rapid Results Program or the Mindfulness, Health and Wellbeing x 3 workshops.

You haven’t failed, you’ve just moved on

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