What does Joy mean to you? Are you driven by passion or are you strolling along waiting for something to happen that will bring you joy? How important is joy to you?  Maybe you don’t think about joy.  Perhaps it is time to look at what makes you the most happiest.  Do you love what you do?  Or do you work at something that doesn’t give you that spark?  When was the last time you felt joyful?  Does it happen rarely or often? What do you feel about joy? I used to have a small poster in my laundry room for many years which read “Happiness is like a butterfly, you never know when it is going to land on you.”  I never used to think I had to have joy in my life when I read that message.  I used to think that I either loved something or I didn’t.  I didn’t feel all that passionate about how I was feeling back then. Looking back at my own life, there were elements of my life that gave me great happiness, as well as great sadness.  I never thought to keep joy as a permanent fixture in my life as I do now.  On my journey through life, I’ve learnt to know what contentment is, what passion is, where I can have immense joy all because my intention these days is always to feel the joy in my heart and in my life even when life throws me a curve ball.    I can be grateful for all the good in my life regardless of the curve balls thrown my way while sometimes the curve balls themselves can become joyful in their own way.  It largely depends on your own outlook.  Of course, joy can mean different things to different people.  Being passionate, optimistic, kind by nature, and understanding most of the time, is my way of feeling joy in my life.  The ups and downs are welcomed in as much as the lessons they bring to serve me.  When I look back and reflect on the dark times of my life, I have noticed that there was reoccurring themes of lessons I learnt from the most. I also don’t mind admitting that I feel vulnerable saying all of this to you but you know, it is what it is…a confession of sorts that may help others on their journey through life.  My intention here was to share with you that life doesn’t have to be perfect before you can experience joy.  Don’t cheat yourself…..count up the things that bring you happiness with or without any particular reason. Celebrate your uniqueness.  It’s okay to be who you are because no one can take that away from you if you don’t want them to!

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