Building strong relationships

Finding your own ground allowing for your own individual difference to shine through can be an art form.  Knowing what it is that is most valuable to yourself must be credible to another person for them to accept you in what is perhaps your wish to have happen with the other person.  How do we do this?  By being open in having an honest approach to the situation or problem that may be at hand.  On the other hand you can never assume that your relationship is strong if you don’t know what the other person truly feels.  We can sometimes live in a vacuum expecting other people, especially those close to us that we automatically expect their loyalty, their understanding, and their full attention to our needs as we are to theirs.  Relationships are seldom that equal.  There is work to be done.  When you really listen to the other person, you are demonstrating what you yourself would like to see coming back to you.  You become the influencer in the relationship to affect this change in the relationship.   The more you show how you care what the other person thinks the more that comes back to you and by being honest in your dealings with them.  This is called mirroring.  And the old saying is as you sow,  so shall you reap.  You’re demonstrating that you’re being genuine by looking for an understanding to be strong between you because you understand them emphatically.  By allowing yourself to hear the other person, you’re allowing for a deeper understanding at what is a possible problem waiting to be solved or better still, you may gain an understanding you didn’t have before concerning the other person.  Don’t however feel that you will always be in the position to know what the other person thinks or feels as they may not be ready to share with you.  In time with patience, perseverance and reflection, things will change for the better.  The objective here is to try to get to know people in your own circle more deeply.  This way you can build trust and have relationships that become strong as a direct result of your efforts.

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