Being Heard

Using empathy to understand the human dynamics of our most important relationships.

What is termed as good Communication is sometimes overrated when as we tend to speak, and we’re not heard.  When someone wants to hear what you say, it is because they want to understand you.  This goes the other way as well.  We hear, we think we know and understand but are we really being emphatic?  The difference between listening and feeling is the paradox to what we may believe we are being.  In other words, we’re not really truly understanding the other person, may be for allowing sympathy in place of being an objective listener.  To be emphatic is to hear and feel in your heart what the other person is saying and expressing.  We all like to be listened to and be fully understood.  This makes perfect sense in terms of feeling valued by our significant other, co-workers who you engage with daily, your friends or your children and relatives.  As human beings, we must remember that being listened to is not the same as being heard.  To really hear someone is to feel what they feel when you hear them speak, this is when it becomes emphatic hearing.  It may be risky to open up to people when you are at your most vulnerable self, so you should only do it when you feel that it is a right time for you to do so.  Best practice in close or personal relationships is to become a good listener and feel what the other person is truly communicating to you and in turn the same may be afforded back to you.

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