The benefits of Mindfullness

Creating your mindfulness helps you to develop your self-awareness.  The importance here is being able to recognise your thinking, your behaviours, your values and beliefs.  How do we change this?  Well, just remember we are not perfect.  However, we can, should we wish to change our circumstance(es) with a technique recommended to us for developing a new set of thinking.  Changing your mindset is a practice worth investigating and putting to good use.  For instance, you may hate family get togethers because you encounter problems.  Start with identifying who the worst offender is in your mind and what this means. At the end of this blog, you will find a 10 minute meditation.  During the meditation, it is important to fixate on the problem you have with that person, on the first time only. Change it from negative to positive…. say it out loud and believe it.  This will enter your conscious mind where long term learning takes place.  Do this every day until the problem is resolved.  The more you practice this technique, the more success you will have with creating your mindfulness to understand your own vulnerability while you may come to understand the person or problem you are dealing with.  Over time, this matter will not be important to you anymore after you are able to come to a resolve on the situation/relationship.  You will then come to appreciate your efforts.  Just remember to be patient with yourself. 

 10 minutes of mindfulness meditation – Be present – You tube Richard J Davidson, Ted x San Francisco  (How mindfulness changes the emotional life of our brains/Richard J. Davidson Tedx San Francisco

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