Having the same values in a relationship is an important factor in our experiences.  When we share our values, we become united.  The relationship flourishes as values then will lead to other desirable traits that help to build a strong relationship.   However, it is absolutely important to know more about yourself, in the absence of not knowing where your relationship with another person might end up being.  The saying Man Know Thy Self has been around for eons… Socrates was an Athenian philosopher who suggested that we need to know ourselves from within.   For instance, by knowing what our values, principles, integrity, these and other virtues that exist within us, to help to guide us along the way.  Whilst we may not be perfect, it is ourselves we must learn to know best in order to know what qualities we are mostly attracted to and act upon.  Aristotle a student of Socrates, takes Know Thy Self a little further, he gave us “Know your limits, Know your motivation, or simply Know yourself.”  He further added “Knowing yourself is the beginning. of wisdom.”  We can then take this wisdom into all that we are in our relationships such as daughter, son, mother, father, brother, sister etc.  You can then have a set of value judgements to look for in others and mould those relationships according to your values.  How do we do this? Well, it takes effort, it also takes knowing both yourself and the other person to some degree and sometimes it even takes courage because you may need to move forward in your own direction if you cannot change an undesirable situation or outcome.  (google:  www.brainly.in/question/1294024, 12/02/22)

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