Importance of Self Acceptance

How do we know if we are appreciated or not?  What matters to each person is by no means the same to everyone.  Even when we have strong connections with close friends, relatives and partners, we don’t always know if we have the same feelings for each other at certain times in our lives and our relationships.  So, what do we do, when we’re not sure of how other people close to us feel about us?  First, you must look at the importance of your questions.   Does this person like you?  Do they show you that they do? Has something happened to change the relationship? Is this important to you?  If the answers are yes, what can you do about your situation?  Do you protect your relationship or is it not worth your while anymore?  Letting go of negative emotions helps us to deal with the problems at hand.  Clear the slate, look at your vulnerability in any situation and allow yourself time to gather up your thoughts so that you can move forward in your life.

Down through the ages, the thought of the ‘here and now’ with today in mind, is called mindfulness by being in the NOW.  Two things can transpire when you’re in the NOW….the first is that our “hardships become more bearable, being reduced to succession of fleeting moments, making it easier to accept our fate,” as each day passes.  Second, “Greater mindfulness is brought to the … quality of our own actions.” (The discipline of desire, D. Robertson,2018, The Stoic Acceptance, P 85) Ultimately, what you choose to do is your choice and you must therefore, live with the outcome but what if there is a better way?

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