Connect to your Goddess within workshops

  • Consists of 3 workshops (3 hours each)
  • The first is for young women to look inside themselves. Ages 20 – 35 years.   Their reasons for this is unique to them.  The benefits are finding answers to feelings to what they may be having.
  • The 2nd workshop is looking at relationships with others, with family and friends. They will undertake a relationship health check with important people in their lives.
  • The exercises are the same for everyone in the group.
  • The 3rd workshop is centered on workplace relationships and careers.


  • Groups of 5 for the first year.
  • Workshops will be held on Saturdays. Once a month, consecutively.
  • This program will run throughout the year in quarterly sessions.
  • Costings: & $995 for the three workshops if purchased together; individually they will be for the their normal price of $495 each. Workshop.  There is a saving of $490

A call to action could be the importance of releasing their inhibitions about their lives and know how to get to know themselves better…..this is centered on personal development.



Self Expression and Free Choice. 

  • Groups of 5 for women who have been in long relationships or marriage.
  • It’s designed for those who are ready to move on but require some help in planning their future to go on their own or with their children.
  • Two groups per week per quarter.
  • 7 sessions in total.
  • This could lead to other programs namely the Rapid Results Program or the Mindfulness, Health and Wellbeing x 3 workshops.
  • Costings: $1195 for SEARC-above.  A reduction of $305
  • Includes 3 free mentoring and coaching sessions in the first two years or by negotiation.  A saving of $525.
  • This program is centered on lighting the candle to find their way forward into a new life without fear. Planning and keeping safe are planned for in this program.
  • A call to action would be knowing when it is time to feel they are ready to move on. A catch phrase could be You haven’t failed, you’ve just moved on.

Rapid Results Program

  • For people male or female who want to discover what could be holding them back either on a goal or some idea they want more clarity on that is preventing them from having what they want for themselves.
  • We will look at self-sabotage, aligning with their shadow values, soul retrieval, and more.
  • It’s a five-step process rolled into 8 sessions.
  • The markers for success are that I will start with their desire to work at the program as will be indicated in their contract.
  • Costings: $1100 – a saving of $300 on full price.
  • Quarterly individual in take of 10 people per week


Mindfullness, Health and Wellbeing (workshops x 3)

  • For busy people who need to incorporate mindfulness, health and wellbeing in their lives.
  • Taken in small steps, anything can be achieved.
  • Clients will be able to incorporate ideas to help them manage their lives better through insightful information to combat loss of energy, alleviate stress and anxiety.
  • Methods will include meditation, gentle exercise and incorporating reversing unhealthy thoughts to positive thoughts as well as other methods to improve their wellbeing.
  • Challenges will be present and achievable.
  • They may go onto other programs included above as to what will suit individual people.
  • I will present some information on the other programs to keep them coming back.
  • Costings: $950 for all three workshops. Individually they will cost $495 each.

Package for one-on-one coaching sessions.

  • Individual coaching sessions of their choice.
  • 10 people weekly.
  • Costings: 6 single sessions in one bundle $900 saving $150
  • Ongoing $150 per session there after.
  • New clients one-on-one without bundle – $175
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