I’m an educator & life coach, this is my story

I am passionate about everything I do that gives meaning or value, that enriches my life, namely to help others to aspire to achieve their full potential.

That is because, in my early years and beyond, there was little to no one who could guide me into the ways of reaching my full potential.  I basically learnt to through experiences of the school of hard knocks.  Today, there are many avenues a person could develop themselves to full fill their dreams and aspirations and that is a passion that drives me.  My life experiences have allowed me to have many insights into people’s behaviours, personalities, wishes, goals, disappointments, unfulfilled goals or dreams, to name a few.  Getting back to my journey of my life, I had arrived at certain points in my life where I had to face many challenges and acknowledge what I was doing wasn’t in my best interest and to some extent in the interest of my own children.

 My expectations had become too obvious to push aside.  At age 40, I had arrived at a point when my expectations of how my life should have been where further from the truth that I was experiencing and wishing for, for quite a few years.  Did I mention the school of hard knocks?  Well I certainly learnt a few things and the first thing I learnt was the truth of what I was living.  I can recall of making a 2 lists back then, what I wanted, and what I was getting.  Needless to say the longest list was the latter. So the lists indicated to me that somethings had to change….and so they did…I took the ‘road less travelled’ so to speak and it was much better than the road I had been travelling on.  So, yes I would say life begins at 40.  It did for me back then and now things have changed to some degree. You no longer have to be 40 for your life to start.  It can start any time.  We’re a great deal freer to choose for ourselves nowadays. 

My struggles weren’t over then, I had a great deal more to learn about myself and what I truly wanted my life to be.  I challenged myself to make the necessary changes to enable me to move on and not look back.  This was a major turning point in my life that gave me the strength to move forward with self-respect and dignity and as well as to achieve my dreams to come true.  I began to heal from those awful years that held me back from achieving stability, peace of mind, and happiness as well as things to look forward to.  I travelled far and wide, I moved to another country and lived the life of ‘Riley’.  I found myself again.  It felt wonderful, I could walk away and recall the words from Gloria Gayner’s song I Am Woman Hear Me Roar.

Having come through a very long journey to discover deeply, those things that my soul was yearning for from one decade to another, I can categorically say that I’m happy with my personal life now more than I’ve ever been before.  And it all began for me, in learning about what it would take to give me peace, love and joy in my life. (I had to be excruciatingly honest with myself to feel that my turning point in turning  my life around, to what I truly wanted, was made with one important decision that I had to make).  Looking back, it has been an extraordinary life that I managed to carve out for myself.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had some bumps on the road along the way, but the bumps no longer looked like mountains to climb as I had become stronger within myself with more resilience and the knowledge of having choice and more choice with my choice to choose.  I learnt to take control of my life and so now, this is how I feel.  Thank you Gloria Gaynor!  She was my inspiration back then even though it took me a while to put her words to some use in my life.

We never know what life can throw at us at any given moment that may tremendously impact us and change our circumstances, sometimes slowly, other times over night.  Becoming resilient helps but gaining insight into how, is another matter.  Resilience takes, patience and practice with some determination of achieving what it is you want to help you move forward, from things such as careers, jobs, family, friends, partners or whatever may be holding you back.  What is most important is your mental health and wellbeing.  Our emotions play a major part as do our beliefs and values.  These are the ingredients which shape who we are at any given time in our life.  What I’ve greatly held steadfast to in my life, is the knowing that I don’t have to be perfect, that I can treat myself better because I am deserving and I can change whatever is not working for me into something that does and these days, I make no apologies in doing so.   I thank you for reading my story and I hope that you can take something from it.  The one thing I would like for you to take is this.  We no longer live in the Dark Ages, there is help if you need help for you to self-actualise  in much better ways these days than I had.   So, from my heart to yours, I wish you well in all aspects of your life. And I wish for you what you wish for yourself…..  Stay safe!

Dolores Goodey

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